Living Life with Joy

“Once there is a distance between you and your thought process, a new freedom is born. With this freedom, a new perception arises.” Sadhguru

We are the most evolved creatures on the planet. Strong cerebral capabilities. We love, laugh, imagine, remember things, and we have hopes and dreams. We move day to day making choices based on our past experiences. That means our current day living is vital because we are making new memories that will shape our tomorrows. Along with shaping our tomorrows comes our imaginations. Our hopes, goals, dreams, and bucket lists. Everything stems from our imagination.

So what happens when all our pasts, presents, and futures combine? It becomes a jumbo bowl of joyless living. We incorporate our traumas of yesterday, our confusion of choices today, and our fears of tomorrow. Thus we suffer a joyless life.

This creates suicidal ideations, depression, and anxious living. Our brain becomes our worst enemy.

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