Change Can Be Difficult

Recently, I’ve been helping a friend create her own website. She recently became a travel agent and is acclimating herself to the world of social media. In helping her, I’ve reacquainted myself with my own blogging site here. And I liked the layout. I always did. (Not as much as my first blogsite, which no longer exists. Still a huge disappointment because I missed my chance to renew my domain name and someone took it.) Still, as I was perusing through my site, it just felt old. Bland.

So, I changed it up today. I wanted it to have a fresh feel to it, and I think it feels better overall.

The more important thing, for me, is feeling ‘motivated’ to do more with it. I hate the word ‘motivated’. Sure, if I had someone yelling at me behind to do more crunches and feel the burn, I might fair better with that word. Unfortunately, I do not have anyone ‘motivating’ me. I must rely on myself to make the changes I desire to see.

And there lies the change that is difficult for me. A change in my routines is needed. A change in my focus is necessary. This is the change that is difficult. Internally, I call myself a ‘lazy’ person, but truly, I’m just a busy person. My career derailed my passion for creative writing almost eight years ago. For a long time, (and maybe even still?) I keep telling myself to just give up and quit writing. I mean, haven’t I already quit? I’ve not written anything substantial in nearly a decade. Yet, inside me, I still hear my characters. I still plot and plan. I still have ideas. So, have I truly given up and just quit?


Will I?


So change is a must. Where I go from here…who knows.


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