Why Write Fantasy?

It’s a daunting road, but I want to help you through this journey. I want to save you some grief by sharing suggestions and offering guidance. As a writer, you can definitely learn the craft. You can hone your skills. Ultimately, your readers will determine, though, will decide on whether they want to begin this journey and see it to the end, or not.

What do readers want? They want to FEEL. They want all their senses to be touched. They want to walk in someone else’s shoes and experience the highs and lows, in the safety of their world through YOUR story. I remember the very first time, and there have been dozens when I read Roland Deschain’s epic tale in The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I experienced tragedies, and successes, and cried real tears when I opened those books. So much so, that I read the series once a year. We, as creatives, want our readers to do just the same.

If you are intending on writing fantasy, I highly recommended you immerse yourself in a variety of fantasy stories. Writers read! What they write is always an expression of what they read. Exploring the new and the bizarre, the strange and the impossible, gives writers inspiration for asking and answering those ‘what if’ questions that can ultimately create some damn fine stories!

We’ve advanced so much since drawing images on cave walls to tell our stories. And yet, here we are. Still telling stories! Society became more complex, but truly, the problems in our lives are still very much the same. We want something we don’t or can’t have. We need love but look in all the wrong places. We tell something but the bridge of communication is torn down, or at the very least, broken somehow. In fantasy, the conflicts are very much the same, but we can make them bigger, more difficult, and insanely fantastical. Yet, these characters are very much like us, when we get to the nitty-gritty. Even the aliens in War of the World would catch a cold, just like us little ol’ humans.

Next Tuesday, I’ll write on the basic premise of themes in Fantasy.


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