Another poem for ya!

A mask I wear when I do not show you who I am,
A facade I put on to hide the pain and shame,
I hide behind it, hoping no one will see,
The true emotions that are buried deep within me.

It’s a mask of strength, of courage and of pride,
A mask that I wear to keep my true self inside,
I don’t want to burden others with my fears,
So I put on a mask and hide my tears.

But sometimes it feels like I’m suffocating,
That the mask is too heavy, and it’s hard to keep faking,
I long for someone to see through the mask,
To see the real me, and not just the façade I’ve cast.

So if you see me wearing this mask today,
Know that it’s not because I’m trying to push you away,
It’s just my way of coping with the pain,
And I hope that someday I can take it off again.


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