Meet Michala

~~We’ve all heard, seen, and read the rules for writers to follow. “Write what you know.” “Don’t start your story with a dream.” “Don’t end a sentence with a preposition.” “Don’t begin a sentence with a conjunction.” But I refuse to sit on the bleachers and watch everybody else breaking the rules and having a swell o’ time doing it! I want to break the boundaries. I want to create worlds and characters I would never have known had I not tested the limits and smashed those rules like the irritating bugs they are.

And because I’ve chosen this life…I am drowning in words. My head is overrun with ideas. Voices scream at me to write their tales. My mind’s eye sees and hears so much I am literally drowning in words!  I’m not complaining, though. Like any good relationship, this one is a love/hate kind. I embrace the chaos of living, loving, and being a writer.

I’m Michala. I’m a Professional Counselor and a Creative Soul.

I am a collection of my past, present, and future. I pretend I’m not socially savvy, however I love reaching out to others. I learned from past experiences writing is therapeutic; it propelled me through many difficult times. Now, I am a writer, a book collector, a mentor, an advocate for those who are in pain, a leader in my church, and so much more. I adore the creative arts in any and all outlets, however writing and helping others in their creative writing journey is my passion. I utilize my skills both artistically and professionally. Being a writer is a whole bowl of mixed emotions and it can be terrifying trying to do it alone. Writing doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavor, though. Here, on DrowningInWords, I share my journey by expressing my thoughts and opinions, and sharing knowledge around creative writing, help others create their own websites and books, and so much more.

My ultimate goal is to continue writing, allowing myself to drown in words, until my last breath. There’s a saying that miracles don’t exist anymore, but I constantly challenge myself to be a miracle for someone else through the gifts and blessings I’ve been given! Maybe I can help you do the same. 502-751-4372

Spalding University, 2010
Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Humanities & Psychology

Grand Canyon
University, 2014
Masters in Professional Counseling

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