Meet the Author


burt and meFamily is important to me. I met my husband in Louisville in 1998 and we were married less than eight months later. We are polar opposites in nearly every way imaginable, but where it counts we have a strong foundation. We are celebrating 21 years  and that’s an amazing feat this day and age. Over those  years we have created a beautiful family.


My oldest: Isn’t she a beauty! She is as emilyrandom as one can be and is always so much fun. She is passionate about people and is a social guru for sure! She says she isn’t a writer but I’ve read some amazing things authored by her.   She is smart as all get out, not even out of high school and is on her second semester of college,  and wants to be a speech pathologist. She loves painting and spending time with her boyfriend of three years.

elijahMy middle child loves bowling, electronics/computers, and gaming (of course) and is very intelligent. Learning comes easily for him. This is a blessing that I’m often jealous of. He’s written a few things as well but he’s very analytical and methodical. His goal is to go into chemical engineering. I look forward to seeing where he goes in life.


My youngest surprised us all when we thought we had accomplished the perfect family. stephanieAlong came fate (God) and proved to us how terribly wrong we were. She is an advocate for animals, an artist, and holds a great imagination. She’s looking at computer programming but who knows with that mind of hers. The world is her oyster!


me meAs for myself, I am a collection of my past, present, and future. I pretend I’m not socially savvy, however I love reaching out to others. I learned from past experiences writing is therapeutic; it propelled me through many difficult times. I am a writer, a book collector, a mentor, an advocate for those who are in pain, and so much more. Today I utilize my skills both artistically and professional as a professional counselor and family crisis interventionist.  My goal is to continue writing, allowing myself to drown in words, until my last breath.


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