My Daughter, the Artist


Getting to know Karolina Delorn

Surprise! I have a new character in mind. And a new story in the works.

Karolina is a psychic who consults with her local police department.

She wasn’t always psychic though and that little story is soon to come. She lives in a Maine and dreams of going to Australia. (She loves koalas!) She loves her work and doesn’t care who criticizes her gift. She’s not one to hold seances and talk to the dead, but she does have a best friend who dwells in the spirit world. Well, best friend might be going a little too far because she doesn’t exactly talk to her because the spirit can’t talk to her. But she has plenty to say; Karolina just has to figure out what that is exactly.

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Over and over…

Before I go to bed this evening, I was browsing some podcasts and I settled on one in which the speaker was giving her life’s lessons on creativity and keeping it alive. Listening to her while in the shower (cuz water breeds inspiration) I began thinking, “what do I want to say?” Really, as a creator… aren’t we all using our voices, whether nonverbal or verbal, to share something with the world?

I think that’s my issue. I don’t believe I have anything I feel I need to say. Error!!!! I know that can’t be true. That is my negativity speaking so don’t listen to it.

So tonight, I’ll fall asleep thinking about what I have to say.

But lastly, I’d like to say, I was stung once again with a suggestion for all creators alike… over and over I hear and read the same thing. You must create daily, have a regular schedule, a routine. I know I need to do this.

Good night beautiful creators!

5 Reasons I’ll Never Bullet Journal

My soon to be eighteen year old daughter sorta is in to this. Not over the top, but enough that sometimes she makes me consider trying it. Then I wake up and snap back to reality. There’s absolutely no way I’d ever get into this crazy, hip activity. Here are my reasons why:

1. My handwriting would never be acceptable. For me or anyone else. It’s messy. And so so far away from journal stylish. Continue reading

And then she says…

Good evening beautiful creators! Was your day productive? Mine was, kinda…sorta. I was lazy for certain parts of the day. But I work six days a week so mondays are my let’s play catch up on all the sleep you miss out on day.

Did you know Will & Grace is on Hulu? All 8 seasons? Ya-hoo!!

When my kiddos got home from school, I realized they would like… need to consume nourishment for their body. This meant I had to make some decisions. Do I cook, order food, or drive out? We decided Skyline Chili. The hubby met us there since he was getting out of work. Continue reading

Haunted Hotel, Louisville KY

Haunted Hotel, Louisville, KY

“Welcome Home.” That’s what the concierge promised upon entering the
Haunted Hotel. That was spokem ominously right before he led us into
the elevator from Hell. Kevin Stich, Owner of Haunted Hotel, as well
as all his staff, set the stage for an adventure that gets tweaked and,
if you can believe it, perfected with each new season!

Enter the elevator at your own risk! Darkness in your face, but there’s MORE!
Shake, rattle, and scream as you witness through aggressive actors who are super
scary and totally nerve-wracking fun! It seems like everything is closing in on
you. A great lead up to a scary ride through this haunted hotel. (I loved the new

Be careful. You will likely get touched, poked, prodded, licked, sprayed, and even
electrocuted! I screamed so many times! I found myself searching for moments to
take a few breaths before having my senses heightened all over again. Things WILL most
definitly go boom in the dark! Monsters jump out, follow you, get full on in your face,
grab your head, and every little thing is nail-biting, intense, awesomeness! Continue reading

A Haunting We Will Go

Tonight is our first annual haunt review. Me and my bestie Ashley are hitting up Haunted Hotel in Louisville, Ky tonight.

I wish I could do more this year but I’m working a second part time job on the weekends which prevents me from going full time with my haunt reviews. But I’m grateful for even a few hits this season.

What’s an girl to do?

Getting ideas for writing/painting/composing/creating is a common issue for artists all over. Other times is being blocked. But what if the desire to create disappears? Where does one go from there? I’ve been thinking a myriad of thoughts. Sure I should be writing daily according to some. It’s been over two years and I’ve not created anything new. I sometimes think, “man, I think I want to write something again.” But I don’t. I feel like the ocean of ideas are gone. The passion to create is missing.

It could just be my new profession. I work a lot, and long hours as a family intervention specialist providing therapy for kids and families. But I don’t feel that’s the correct excuse. I worked full time, went to school full time, and raised a family full time and still managed to write multiple books.

Another part of me feels like as my mind and body changes as I get older, my desires and passions also are changing. And there has been a lot of changes. I just don’t know. I’m open to others thoughts and opinions and experiences.

Do I want to write? I think so. Maybe. (Shrugs) Dunno.

I still love to read and maybe I should go back to reviewing books. Time is short and I know I can’t dedicate my time to doing a whole lot. But I want to do something. It’s frustrating, that’s for damn sure.