Looking Forward

I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about the goals I want for 2018. I’ve confirmed the spaghetti plate of chaos because my goals are all over the place.

Health: I definitely need to focus on my physical health. In 2017 I found myself turning away from most meat and think I’ll continue this track for 2018. I’m not going vegetarian but I’d say mostly veggies and fruits for me is the best route and my body seems to agree. Planet fitness will continue to get my money in 2018. I just need to commit to making a bigger effort of showing my face there. Continue reading


Looking Back

2017. Cripes, what a year! I’ve had some good parts through the year, but it’s definitely been a hard year for me. I read a lot of books this year which was super awesomesauce including my ultra favorite book series by Karen Marie Moning, Fever Series. Her book Feversong came out in January 2017 so my year started off rockin’. I totally enjoyed the new Beauty and the Beast film. I considered going back to school but opted not to, at least not just yet. I felt like my writing was starting off pretty rad in January because I had some huge writing spurts but never stuck with anything. And I definitely tried a variety of things to help. I also started watching Supernatural. I’d tried before and it didn’t stick, but this time around I enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any of my family into it so I had to watch it all alone. Also learned that Peter Capaldi wouldn’t be coming back for another season of Doctor Who and had mixed feeling about it.

In February, I watched the Superbowl alone because my family all went to bed. Felt some great moments as a professional counselor but was constantly reminded how hard the field can be. Reread IT by Stephen King this month, too! Also did a Star Wars Marathon with my husband this month. Continue reading

Ask Me…What 3 Songs?

Good Morning! Time again to see what’s on my playlist today.

1 The Logical Song by Supertramp

When I was young
It seemed that life was so wonderful
A miracle, oh, it was beautiful, magical
And all the birds in the trees
Well, they’d be singing so happily
So joyfully, oh, playfully, watching me

Does anyone not have Supertramp on their playlist? Really? It’s okay. We can still be friends.

Havana by Camila Cabello

He didn’t walk up with that “how you doin’?” (uh)
(When he came in the room)
He said there’s a lot of girls I can do with (uh)
(But I can’t without you)
I’m doin’ forever in a minute (hey)
(That summer night in June)

This song is just chill and makes me want to sway and dip and parts of my body just start moving, tapping, bobbing, and…well, you get the jist of it.

3 The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

Don’t write yourself off yet
It’s only in your head you feel left out or looked down on
Just try your best
Try everything you can
And don’t you worry what they tell themselves when you’re away

It just takes some time
Little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride
Everything, everything will be just fine
Everything, everything will be all right

This is one of my all time favs to listen to. I don’t go out of my way to choose the song but I never fast forward or skip over it when it does play. It’s good motivation, empowering, encouraging…everything will be all right, damn it. Okay???

Ask Me…What 3 Songs?

What’s on my playlist today peeps?

1 That’s Not my Name by The Ting Tings

Four letter word just to get me along
It’s a difficulty and I’m biting on my tongue
And I I keep stalling, keeping me together
People around gotta find something to say now
Holding back, everyday the same
Don’t wanna be a loner
Listen to me, oh no I never say anything at all
But with nothing to consider they forget my name (ame, ame, ame)

If you haven’t heard this song…go. Now. I’ll wait until you listen to it. 🙂 OMG, this song is so freakin’ cool. I don’t know why I like it so much. I just do.

2 Strip That Down by Liam Payne

This song proves that I do find the time sometimes to update my music sometimes. It’s not to old a song. I don’t know what it is about songs that have snapping in them, I just tend to dig them.

3 I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry

Perry was born as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25, 1984. Perry is the first female artist to get five hits on the Billboard Hot 100 in one year. Kesha was in this song’s video.



Ask Me…What 3 Songs?

Here’s another round of what’s playing on my iphone today.

1 Stitches by Shawn Mendez

You watch me bleed until I can’t breathe
I’m shaking falling onto my knees
And now that I’m without your kisses
I’ll be needing stitches
I’m tripping over myself
Aching begging you to come help
And now that I’m without your kisses
I’ll be needing stitches

So, I’m not a huge fan of Mendez but this song is pretty cool. It’s catchy, even if it is cliché.

2 You Don’t Own Me by Grace featuring G-Eazy

You don’t own me
Don’t try to change me in any way
You don’t own me
Don’t tie me down ’cause I’d never stay

The original is excellent. Grace and G-Eazy just bring it to a whole new level. I love her voice. I crank this song up when in the car. Sometimes I even put it on repeat. It’s just that good.

3 Just Like Me by New Politics

You say you want to save the world
(just like me)
You want to find the perfect girl
(just like me)
You want to drive a fancy car
(just like me)
You want to be a rock star
Just like me

So…sometimes I just want to turn the music up, crank up my bass, and rock! And this song is one of those songs you can do that with. It’s easy to understand the lyrics and even easier to bang your head to the intense sounds.

Well, that’s it for today. Any good music suggestions?


Day one of conference

We toured campuses, cottages, and schools which allowed me to learn more about the other programs within Youth Villages beyond the Intercept program which I am a part of. It was awesome. Part one of the conference opened with some great music and our keynote speaker Kevin Carroll. Looking forward to doing some shopping and later this evening some karaoke and dancing!

Conference Time

So my company’s conference is happening this week. I’m driving to Memphis with the regional director and some other fine people. I don’t know who I’m rooming with but I’ve not had the best luck with roomies. So here’s to better luck this time around.

I’m kinda bummed. On Wednesday we’re having a red carpet night in which people can choose to get all dressed up. I went two days in a row of shopping and had absolutely no luck. So I’ll not be dressing up as I’d hoped.

I don’t like going on long road trips if I’m not driving. I have this issue, you see, I like to be in control. I want to drive, set the temperature, choose the music, and all that fine stuff. But at least I have a good book to read.

More to come…

Ask Me….what six songs?

If my music was on shuffle, what are the first six songs to play?

1 Fireball by Pitbull…

Mr. Worldwide to infinity
You know the roof on fire
We gon’ boogie oogie oggi, jiggle, wiggle and dance
Like the roof on fire
We gon’ drink drink and take shots until we fall out
Like the roof on fire
Now baby give a booty naked, take off all your clothes,
and light the roof on fire

I absolutely love this music. It’s fast, loud, and makes me want to dance. I enjoy dancing to this song, or exercising, or cooking…anything that I might not normally do in my regular day…it hypes me up and makes me smile. I love much of Pitbull’s music.

2 DJ Got Us Falling in Love by Usher Continue reading


My baby girl, who recently turned 18 has been going through the whirlwind of applying to colleges. I told her it was best to focus on just five due to her being prone to anxiety. It was tough for her. Applications, parchments, transcripts, essays, and recommendation letters for high schoolers is a very exhilarating and yet frustrating time. Because Emily also attends college she had to do more. She’s graduating with almost sixty credits. She is anxious even with that because she really wanted to graduate high school with her associates degree. It’s possible, even doable. But it’s still a lot for any 18 year old to attempt.

Last week she began receiving acceptance letters. Here are her five choices in order of importance:

1. Baldwin Wallace University

2. Western Kentucky University

3. Perdue University

4. University of Tennessee

5. University of Tennessee

6. (I made her apply to Spalding University because it’s where I graduated.)

First, she heard from U of T-accepted! She was ecstatic! Her first acceptance letter. Then she heard from WKU! Second choice!!! $5,000!a year in scholarships. Then Spalding’s came in with an offer of $10,000 a year in scholarships! She was all set to calling herself a Hilltopper and we even announced it. WKU was after all not too far from home AND her second choice.

This week, yesterday in fact, she received a large envelope from BW. Yes… they accepted her. She hadn’t been expecting it because it was of course her first choice. Who gets their first choice? Not only did they accept her, they are giving her a full scholarship (almost). We will like have to pay for dorms…but wowza!!!

She is through the moon excited and at the same time nervous because it’s like five hours away from home and family. It took a while but she finally accepted cane around and is now getting used to the idea and looking forward to the experience.

Wait until time gets closer…she’s definitely gonna start feeling the fear and anxiety all over again but I know that she is going to do great! She’s going to excel in her goals to become a speech pathologist and she’s going to have wonderful journeys and adventures.

I’m always so proud of my kiddos, but yesterday was one of the top moments, to be a part of this huge milestone for my baby girl.