Students and Schools

I have a sophmore and a senior. We've been doing our very best in how we deal with non-traditional schooling. We recently learned that our city will be offering hybrid classes beginning in April. I am the type of parent who seeks to hear from both my children when it comes to making a decision… Continue reading Students and Schools


My Story-Just the Bones

I was born to a young mother who was alone, beside herself, and scared. My biological father chose drugs and alcohol over me. My mother did the very best with the circumstances she was given. She married a physically and emotionally abusive man who spent years hurting both of us. He was a military man… Continue reading My Story-Just the Bones


Book Thoughts: The Dark Half

Since I previously blogged about having recently finished re-reading The Dark Half by Stephen King, I figured I would share a little about my journey. A brief summary of the story: Thad has been writing under a pseudonym, George Stark, for a number of years. He's tired of it and when a journalist threatens to… Continue reading Book Thoughts: The Dark Half

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What Are You Doing?

In writing, I constantly try to learn and improve myself and sharpen my tools. Often I learn from reading from other writers. Recently I finished reading The Dark Half by Stephen King. I’d read it a long time ago but happened to get it for free and dived into it again. The story is about… Continue reading What Are You Doing?

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Living with Monsters/Little Victories

Possible trigger warnings It's been a bit of time since I last blogged. Three days shy of an entire year. Obviously a lot has changed in our world. I'd like to say a lot has changed for me as well, but I have to think about that a little bit. The best way to think… Continue reading Living with Monsters/Little Victories

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Shaken Book Review

Shaken (Mind Reader #1) by Susan Hatler I scrolled through the books on my Kindle and blindly chose this book to read. It was a generously ‘free’ download I’d acquired a while back ago. (Not sure exact date). It goes for $3.99 currently on Amazon. I strongly believe it would be a well-enjoyed $3.99 although it would… Continue reading Shaken Book Review

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Unspoken Book Review

Unspoken by Kerrigan Byrne Warning: This is a novella, not a novel. It’s total length is about 60 pages give or take a few. I’ll admit I normally read the book blurb as well as others’ reviews before I go and decide to read a book. That doesn’t mean I won’t read it at all… Continue reading Unspoken Book Review

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Coming Home Book Review

Coming Home (Jackson Falls #1)  by Laurie Breton There are some books that are just so easy to put down and get back to life’s chores, work, my own writing, and all the other fuss. This was most definitely not one of those books. From the moment I turned to the first page I was totally… Continue reading Coming Home Book Review

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The Blue Blazes Book Review

Book Review: The Blue Blazes The Blue Blazes (Mookie Pearl #1) by Chuck Wendig Oh how good it is to be back in Wendig’s realm! Man, I can’t begin to say how glad I was to open up his newest novel The Blue Blazes. From the beginning, the first words, the novel was intriguing and made me… Continue reading The Blue Blazes Book Review

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Blakewood Book Review

  Blakewood by Sable Grey Immediately upon opening this novel I was quickly pulled into the story. The author has a very excellent way of grabbing the reader’s attention. This immediately begins my rating at a 9. Let’s see where we go from there… Elizabeth is a confident, headstrong woman who knows what she wants.… Continue reading Blakewood Book Review