Ask Me….what six songs?

If my music was on shuffle, what are the first six songs to play?

1 Fireball by Pitbull…

Mr. Worldwide to infinity
You know the roof on fire
We gon’ boogie oogie oggi, jiggle, wiggle and dance
Like the roof on fire
We gon’ drink drink and take shots until we fall out
Like the roof on fire
Now baby give a booty naked, take off all your clothes,
and light the roof on fire

I absolutely love this music. It’s fast, loud, and makes me want to dance. I enjoy dancing to this song, or exercising, or cooking…anything that I might not normally do in my regular day…it hypes me up and makes me smile. I love much of Pitbull’s music.

2 DJ Got Us Falling in Love by Usher Continue reading



My baby girl, who recently turned 18 has been going through the whirlwind of applying to colleges. I told her it was best to focus on just five due to her being prone to anxiety. It was tough for her. Applications, parchments, transcripts, essays, and recommendation letters for high schoolers is a very exhilarating and yet frustrating time. Because Emily also attends college she had to do more. She’s graduating with almost sixty credits. She is anxious even with that because she really wanted to graduate high school with her associates degree. It’s possible, even doable. But it’s still a lot for any 18 year old to attempt.

Last week she began receiving acceptance letters. Here are her five choices in order of importance:

1. Baldwin Wallace University

2. Western Kentucky University

3. Perdue University

4. University of Tennessee

5. University of Tennessee

6. (I made her apply to Spalding University because it’s where I graduated.)

First, she heard from U of T-accepted! She was ecstatic! Her first acceptance letter. Then she heard from WKU! Second choice!!! $5,000!a year in scholarships. Then Spalding’s came in with an offer of $10,000 a year in scholarships! She was all set to calling herself a Hilltopper and we even announced it. WKU was after all not too far from home AND her second choice.

This week, yesterday in fact, she received a large envelope from BW. Yes… they accepted her. She hadn’t been expecting it because it was of course her first choice. Who gets their first choice? Not only did they accept her, they are giving her a full scholarship (almost). We will like have to pay for dorms…but wowza!!!

She is through the moon excited and at the same time nervous because it’s like five hours away from home and family. It took a while but she finally accepted cane around and is now getting used to the idea and looking forward to the experience.

Wait until time gets closer…she’s definitely gonna start feeling the fear and anxiety all over again but I know that she is going to do great! She’s going to excel in her goals to become a speech pathologist and she’s going to have wonderful journeys and adventures.

I’m always so proud of my kiddos, but yesterday was one of the top moments, to be a part of this huge milestone for my baby girl.


Finding words to describe myself isn’t entirely difficult. Finding a single word that describes my personality is a little more complicated.

Many years ago I had a therapist who told me that I was too busy. I didn’t know how to just stop going and to be present; in the moment. I’d have to say I’m exactly the same today. I thrive on staying busy. By moving nonstop, I don’t have time to dwell on things too much or too deep. I like that fact.

Thoughts are like weeds. They come up and where one is, you’ll find many more springing up nearby. I don’t have time to pluck the weeds, or thoughts I don’t want to deal with. I don’t want to find time for doing so either. I’d much rather stay busy and focus on getting things done.

I don’t try to multitask too often anymore. I found I did less when I tried doing that. I would rather focus on one thing and complete it and move on.

So why am I a busybody? If I were to be honest, and I do try my best to be honest with myself…it’s probably because if I slow down, I fear depression will settle in. I battled depression for so long, and still do to some small degree, that I figure if I can just keep moving the depression won’t overtake me.

I’m sure in some manner this isn’t a healthy thing. But being depressed isn’t exactly healthy either, is it? So if I were to brand myself and find one single word that fits my personality… busy.

Getting to know Karolina Delorn

Surprise! I have a new character in mind. And a new story in the works.

Karolina is a psychic who consults with her local police department.

She wasn’t always psychic though and that little story is soon to come. She lives in a Maine and dreams of going to Australia. (She loves koalas!) She loves her work and doesn’t care who criticizes her gift. She’s not one to hold seances and talk to the dead, but she does have a best friend who dwells in the spirit world. Well, best friend might be going a little too far because she doesn’t exactly talk to her because the spirit can’t talk to her. But she has plenty to say; Karolina just has to figure out what that is exactly.

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Midnight Musings

Novel idea>>>>>>

Good girl meets bad guy. Will he be able to play nice when it means life and death for an innocent? Will good girl even allow bad guy to try? Will her stubborn streak mean the end for them all before there’s even a beginning?

Over and over…

Before I go to bed this evening, I was browsing some podcasts and I settled on one in which the speaker was giving her life’s lessons on creativity and keeping it alive. Listening to her while in the shower (cuz water breeds inspiration) I began thinking, “what do I want to say?” Really, as a creator… aren’t we all using our voices, whether nonverbal or verbal, to share something with the world?

I think that’s my issue. I don’t believe I have anything I feel I need to say. Error!!!! I know that can’t be true. That is my negativity speaking so don’t listen to it.

So tonight, I’ll fall asleep thinking about what I have to say.

But lastly, I’d like to say, I was stung once again with a suggestion for all creators alike… over and over I hear and read the same thing. You must create daily, have a regular schedule, a routine. I know I need to do this.

Good night beautiful creators!

5 Reasons I’ll Never Bullet Journal

My soon to be eighteen year old daughter sorta is in to this. Not over the top, but enough that sometimes she makes me consider trying it. Then I wake up and snap back to reality. There’s absolutely no way I’d ever get into this crazy, hip activity. Here are my reasons why:

1. My handwriting would never be acceptable. For me or anyone else. It’s messy. And so so far away from journal stylish. Continue reading

And then she says…

Good evening beautiful creators! Was your day productive? Mine was, kinda…sorta. I was lazy for certain parts of the day. But I work six days a week so mondays are my let’s play catch up on all the sleep you miss out on day.

Did you know Will & Grace is on Hulu? All 8 seasons? Ya-hoo!!

When my kiddos got home from school, I realized they would like… need to consume nourishment for their body. This meant I had to make some decisions. Do I cook, order food, or drive out? We decided Skyline Chili. The hubby met us there since he was getting out of work. Continue reading