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What Are You Doing?

In writing, I constantly try to learn and improve myself and sharpen my tools. Often I learn from reading from other writers. Recently I finished reading The Dark Half by Stephen King. I’d read it a long time ago but happened to get it for free and dived into it again. The story is about… Continue reading What Are You Doing?

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Looking Back and Forging Ahead

I want to make the year 2020 HUGE! Of course, don't we all want to see differences each year? Lose weight, quit bad habits, exercise more, spend more time with family, find a new career. The list goes on and on. I'm obviously no different. 2019 for me was not anything outrageous or incredible. As… Continue reading Looking Back and Forging Ahead

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On Writing…. 5/31/18

Just some of my writings...could go somewhere or not. I totally don't know where this one is headed. Blue Ain't Your Color "What do you mean?" I could see him staring at his drink across the room. He ignored my question as much as my stare. "I just cancelled all my plans for this trip… Continue reading On Writing…. 5/31/18

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Inside My Journal…5/27/18

Snippets from my secret side... Is it a recent entry or from years ago...does it matter? I still can't tell whether I'm okay or not. Am I happy? What is happy? I am lazy, unmotivated, tired, lazy, fat, slobbish, but am I unhappy? I can't tell because i can't feel! I haven't attempted to do… Continue reading Inside My Journal…5/27/18