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Marriage Story: A Film Review

I, of course, had to watch this movie since Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson are in it. I love both of their acting. Netflix tagline for the film: Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Noah Baunbach directs this incisive and compassionate look at a marriage coming apart and a family staying together. I'll admit I've not seen anything… Continue reading Marriage Story: A Film Review

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6 Underground: A Review of a Review

I remember, back in the day of newspapers, turning to see the NOW SHOWING IN THEATERS page and reading over the reviews of current films. You'd often see a star rating or even a thumbs up/down rating. I never allowed myself to depend on those reviews because my interests are not always aligned with the… Continue reading 6 Underground: A Review of a Review

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Devil by J. Paul Stephens

Devil by J. Paul Stephens Book Review: Score 8/10 Magdalene has been single for too long. When she meets James at a party she is both excited and cautious at how forward he is in his conversation. He immediately asks her out again and she accepts. The story thrusts the reader forward through lessons that… Continue reading Devil by J. Paul Stephens

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Looking Back

2017. Cripes, what a year! I've had some good parts through the year, but it's definitely been a hard year for me. I read a lot of books this year which was super awesomesauce including my ultra favorite book series by Karen Marie Moning, Fever Series. Her book Feversong came out in January 2017 so… Continue reading Looking Back

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Review: Sweetheart

SWEETHEART BY CHELSEA CAIN   “Chelsea Cain calls forth another thriller featuring the notorious serial killer Gretchen Lowell. Cain has laced this series with an intoxicating substance; one which will have you coming back again and again.” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “I need to take a shower,” he said.… Continue reading Review: Sweetheart

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Review: Darkness Falls on Asylum

I do reviews for Louisville with a friend of mine. It's another blog called Locally Louisville Facebook page              Blog Site Anyway, since it is almost Halloweeen Louisville, KY has already began some amazing haunts this year.  If you are into haunted houses, trails, forests, and the likes...this site is a great place to look at… Continue reading Review: Darkness Falls on Asylum

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Is Capaldi Good Enough?

Note: There are SPOILERS here. Also, my thoughts bounce around. I viewed this episode first for pleasure and natural curiosity and then the second time I made my notes. Of course some of these thoughts will be out of order only because I am thinking ahead at times as I view this a second time… Continue reading Is Capaldi Good Enough?

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Book Review: The Shattered Door

The Shattered Door by: Lisa Bouchard The world is made up of telepaths and nontelepaths.  There are some very powerful people who do not like the telepaths and want to bring them all down.  The Telepathic Corps is getting very uncivil in their approach to taking them out too. Darcy and Olivia Morrison, twin sisters… Continue reading Book Review: The Shattered Door

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Book Review: Bedding the Wrong Brother

Bedding the Wrong Brother By Virna DePaul 212 pgs Fiction, Soft Erotica Melina has a crush on a professor she works with but before she makes a move she is determined to have certain skills down pat. Her past three relationships have all had tanked in the bed and the only thing they all have… Continue reading Book Review: Bedding the Wrong Brother