My Story-Just the Bones

I was born to a young mother who was alone, beside herself, and scared. My biological father chose drugs and alcohol over me. My mother did the very best with the circumstances she was given. She married a physically and emotionally abusive man who spent years hurting both of us. He was a military man… Continue reading My Story-Just the Bones


Personal Discoveries

I couldn't wait. I had to get my task done so that I could move to the next section of my new book. The task was to make a poster board pulling images and words that 'spoke to me'. I immediately set out to Walgreen in the middle of the night and picked up a… Continue reading Personal Discoveries


Creative Strengths

The Journey of the Torture Writer Continues: My creative strengths… I know I have creative strengths. They have existed since I was a young child. Inside me existed poems and short stories, even novellas. And as I battled many years with my own deep dark depressions these creative strengths aided me in a way that… Continue reading Creative Strengths


In Which I Start Anew

This last week I got to try my hand teaching English to 10th graders. Not the whole class; more like the last 25 minutes or so as the lead teacher had to leave. The students are working on adverbs. UGH! I may be wrong in my assumption but I believe that most of the world… Continue reading In Which I Start Anew

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30 Day Challenge: Day 1 & 2

Day One: Write Some Basic Things About Yourself I'll list FIVE to begin. I'm Exhausted! After going full-speed for more than seven years which includes school full-time, one job full-time, at times one and 2 jobs part-time, a family of three (four if you count the husband>and I do), writing full-time, blogging full-time, reviewing books, interviewing… Continue reading 30 Day Challenge: Day 1 & 2