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How I See Myself

What qualities do I value most about myself? I am a loyal friend. I am honest and trustworthy. I am sincere with my words. I am a good listener. I am creative. I think through things before saying/doing things. I am a goal-getter. I have HUGE hopes and dreams. I am an avid learner. What… Continue reading How I See Myself


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3

WHAT ARE YOUR THREE BIGGEST PET PEEVES? You know, I try my darndest to be forth giving when it comes to the quirks people attach themselves to. I know I have plenty of them myself and so I hope others forgive me for my annoyances, bothersome traits, and what-have-you. Still, there are things that I… Continue reading 30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3


The Process of Blogging

Have you ever played the Game Of Life? Most have. Creating this site made me think of that game. I'm moving in small, slow steps to reach the finish line. I've a well-established website on Blogger and it is so much more simple. But people resonate with WordPress and so I felt the most logical next… Continue reading The Process of Blogging