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How I See Myself

What qualities do I value most about myself? I am a loyal friend. I am honest and trustworthy. I am sincere with my words. I am a good listener. I am creative. I think through things before saying/doing things. I am a goal-getter. I have HUGE hopes and dreams. I am an avid learner. What… Continue reading How I See Myself


Notes From A Writer: The Creative Process

A BLAST FROM THE PAST I LOVE reading my notes, journal entries, and such from the past. I see where I was and where I am and see GROWTH. Here is something from days gone by. I learned 'today' that I have a prequel to the book I am currently writing. It is amazing the things… Continue reading Notes From A Writer: The Creative Process

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The Crap-Rut Place

I’ve had a crappy week. How about you? I don’t know what’s contributing to the crappiness. Maybe it’s just me. Who the hell knows! All I know is I’ve gotten nothing, absolutely nothing really accomplished in my life lately. Perhaps I’m just being extremely too critical of myself. Allow me for a moment to back… Continue reading The Crap-Rut Place