Getting Unstuck

Tonight, however, I realized something about myself. Perhaps I’ve known this subconsciously but tonight I was able to give it words. Continue reading

Must You Win? At Everything?

Are You Trying To Win the Argument?

arguementYou obviously have strong beliefs. And sometimes there will come into your life someone that believes the very opposite of what you believe. This can infuriate you maybe, yes? Especially if you are very passionate about something.

Or maybe it is simply a matter of something your partner said or did and it just pissed you off so freaking bad that you just have to voice yourself.

And what was once just you wanting to pronounce your feelings, your beliefs, or what-have-you…turns into a debate. And then you feel yourself growing warm all over, your jaw is maybe clenched a bit more, your heart is beating a bit faster….and low and behold, you find yourself in an all-out argument about something.

And of course….you HAVE to WIN the argument, right? Who wants to be wrong? Right? Continue reading