Solitary by LaMonte M. Fowler Book Review

Solitary by LaMonte M. Fowler

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An army veteran is sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms after he assassinated a number of high-profile government figures. He is locked away in solitary confinement which, he actually prefers. He counts the days of his imprisonment by the number of times he is allowed to go outside. As the number of days continue to grow he finds it odd that everyone around him is changing but he himself remains the same.

He is not alone however. Others have noticed his inability to change; to age. Soon, the army veteran is visited by a doctor who takes numerous blood samples and then leaves abruptly. For the longest time, he does not see another doctor and things remain the same. Until one day, he is visited by a different doctor. One who puts him to sleep. When he awakes he is in an entirely new solitary confinement. Continue reading