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I’ve Been Smacked in the Face By My Muse!

So for three long years my writing partner Will and I worked diligently on co-writing our epic fantasy series. We finished in January with book one. I've not been able to touch the dang book (book two) ever since. Oh, I tried. I definitely tried. And we even got a good 25K words in to… Continue reading I’ve Been Smacked in the Face By My Muse!


Review: Breakout Kidnapped Edition

My best friend and I attended the new sensation Breakout. It’s a cleverly designed interactive game in which you are locked in a room and are given one hour to solve the clues and ‘breakout’ to win the game. It’s a bit difficult to review this game because I want to be sensitive to those… Continue reading Review: Breakout Kidnapped Edition


The TW attacks: Day One

The Tortured Writer continues her journey: Day One: Upon picking up the book The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron I observe a few things. The cover is not spectacular. It has trees and birds; a lot of brown. It is somewhat fitting as I don’t feel so spectacular with my writing either. At the… Continue reading The TW attacks: Day One