Six Things You Should Never Do

Are you going to make 2015 a successful year?

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Excuses and Hikes

September, and so far October, have been excellent in way of reviewing haunted houses. As for editing or writing...ugh. Yuck. Writing was just something that wasn't working. I am slowly growing more used to my job. It's been a rough ride though, I'll admit. Life has been hectic and chaotic. For a long while now… Continue reading Excuses and Hikes

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Flesh Out, Lay Out, No Doubt

Time Management. Are you good at it? How can you become better at it? I must admit I’m not the very best at managing my time. I can juggle it pretty darn well however I always find things slipping between my fingers, things I’ve forgotten completely, and always always always….there is dirty clothes to be… Continue reading Flesh Out, Lay Out, No Doubt

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The Hardest Part Is Saying Hello

I've been dipping my toes, well, I take that back...I've been drowning myself lately in websites about productivity. So much so that I've been anything but productive. LOL But I've learned a few things over the week so I don't feel that all has been a complete loss or waste of time. (That's a good… Continue reading The Hardest Part Is Saying Hello