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Hello Strangers!

 I know that I've really sucked at blogging as of late. It took me a while to adapt to my new job and the hours (and driving) that comes with it. As a family crisis counselor, I travel to family homes and assist them with intensive in-home therapy three times a week per family. I… Continue reading Hello Strangers!

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Somtimes it does begin with a bang.

When I was three or four my Granny O. had these three small, fat books. They were my favorites and I learned to read using those books. I'll admit today when I go visit her I always fondly recall those books. Even though she doesn't live in the same home as when I stayed with her I still go to… Continue reading Somtimes it does begin with a bang.

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Read As A Writer?

At first I wanted to completely disagree with this statement. I was shaking my head and thinking, 'Nope. I read for fun, relaxation, entertainment.' I don't want to read as a writer because then it becomes 'work' and I love reading and never want to lose that passion. But then I got to thinking about… Continue reading Read As A Writer?