Is Capaldi Good Enough?

who3Note: There are SPOILERS here. Also, my thoughts bounce around. I viewed this episode first for pleasure and natural curiosity and then the second time I made my notes. Of course some of these thoughts will be out of order only because I am thinking ahead at times as I view this a second time





The introduction with the dinosaur spitting out the TARDIS was an interesting opening. I also liked that the viewer wasn’t privy to the entire who6scenes of the regeneration of the Doctor. And hello…when Clara opened the door, pretty hot look I thought. LOL However I liked when the Doctor opened the door. ‘Shush’. The whole confusion, his obvious lack of understanding of everything…I don’t know if I liked that really. I mean, I can completely understand Clara’s inability to trust the new doctor…I mean, he doesn’t even remember her. “You really let yourself go.” (funny). “You’re very similar heights”. The obvious laughable moments mingled in with the bittersweet frustrations Clara was feeling.

*Intro* I like the whole steampunk clockwork intro. Very nice. The dark sinister eyes was a plus…showing me, letting me agree with my original belief that this doctor would be ‘darker’.

“Why is there only a bed in it?” I don’t understand why the doctor doesn’t understand the concept of the bedroom. It was confusing. To me anyway. I mean, he understands who he is. The size of his brain would be like a piano dropping on her head…but he can’t understand the concept of a bedroom? Odd. Continue reading