Review: Sweetheart




“Chelsea Cain calls forth another thriller featuring the notorious serial killer Gretchen Lowell. Cain has laced this series with an intoxicating substance; one which will have you coming back again and again.”

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “I need to take a shower,” he said.
“It’s down the hall,” she said. “Second door on the left. You’ll find everything you need.”
“My sanity?” he said.
She leaned forward as if to kiss him, but instead put her lips next to his ear, her cheek millimeters from his. The smell of her made him dizzy. Her breath was warm but sent a cold shiver down his spine.
“Long gone, darling,” she whispered.

After Cain’s mesmerizing novel Heartsick ending, we all knew that we hadn’t seen the last of the infamous serial killer Gretchen Lowell. After ten years of chasing down the Beauty Killer and then getting caught by the one he chased, the former detective Archie Sheridan still can’t get over the tie that binds him to her. In Sweetheart Archie’s best friend and detective Henry as well as his wife step in and stage a whole intervention scene. They are severing all ties between Archie and Gretchen. Henry explains that they are moving her to a place far out of his reach and banning all phone calls and visits with her. It doesn’t matter that every time Archie visits her she gives up another name of another victim. It’s just not worth it anymore. Continue reading