The Sister Effect Series
Book One: Darkness Found


Jessica’s unique ability to communicate with the dead has made her somewhat of a local legend. While most people shy away from the paranormal, Jessica has embraced her gift and uses it to help those in need. So when the spirit of a young man named Daniel comes to her for assistance, she doesn’t hesitate to lend a hand. 

Daniel has important infomration tha tcould lead to the discovery of Jessica’s long-lost sister. In exchange for her help, he promises to guide her on the search for her sibling. Despite her reservations, Jessica agrees to the arrangement, and she soon finds herself on a while and dangerous journey. 

But she’s not alone. Calen, her boyfriend’s engimatic brother, has his own set of supernatural abilites. There’s an undeniable connection between the two, and Jessica can’t help but wonder if he holds the key to unlocking the mystery of her sister’s disappearance. 

As the trio delves deeper into the unknown, they uncover a web of secrets and lies that threaten to tear them apart. But with the help of their otherworldly powers, they just might be able to unravel the truth and bring Jessica’s sister home at last. 

Assassin For Hire

Alimey was a woman of many talents, all of which were put to use in service of her employer – a notorious mob boss. She had been his trusted informant, his lethal assassin, and his skillful handler, but never before had she been his housemaid. Yet, when he presented her with one last job – to go undercover as a domestic helper for his daughter and son-in-law – she knew she couldn’t refuse.

It was a delicate situation. The mob boss’s daughter was expecting a child, but her surrogate mother was causing problems. Alimey’s task was to fix everything – to smooth out the wrinkles, to ensure the safety of the unborn child, and to babysit the surrogate mother. It was a job that required all of her cunning and resourcefulness.

However, as Alimey began to delve deeper into the family’s secrets, she found that her own problems were coming out of the shadows. Her past, which she had tried to bury, was haunting her, and she couldn’t be the effective “fixer” that her boss needed her to be if she couldn’t fix her own issues.

Alimey was a woman who had always been in control, but now she found herself struggling to maintain her composure. As she cleaned and cooked and cared for the family, she realized that she was also on a journey of self-discovery. She must confront her demons, face her fears, and find a way to reconcile with her past if she wants to move forward.

Paranoid: Deja Vu

As Kalina delves deeper into the investigation, she finds herself struggling to maintain objectivity. Memories of her own past and her connection to the cult members threaten to cloud her judgment. Yet, she persists, determined to uncover the truth and bring the perpetrator to justice.

As the case progresses, Kalina’s personal and professional lives become increasingly intertwined. The lines between her past and present blur, and the weight of her responsibility bears down heavily upon her.

Despite the toll the investigation takes on her, Kalina remains resolute. With each new piece of evidence, she becomes more determined to see the case through to its conclusion, no matter what the cost.

For Kalina, the case has become more than just a job— it has become a personal mission, one she will never forget.

The Watcher’s Keep Series: Currently Writing/Editing

Meliek, a once mighty warrior, had seen his fair share of battles. He had fought valiantly for his people, his land, and his honor. But that was before his visions had betrayed him, leading him down a path of destruction and despair. Now, plagued by a deep mistrust of magic, Meliek found himself in a world he could hardly comprehend. A world of young druidism and ancient sorcery, where the rules he once knew no longer applied.

As lead sentry of the royal family, Meliek had always understood his role. He was to protect the kingdom and its people at all costs. But now, his responsibilities had grown exponentially. He was not only the protector of the royal family but the guardian of the entire realm.

Meliek knew that the only hope of defeating the forces of chaos that threatened the realm lay with three individuals. Three people who possessed a power they did not even know they had. Their abilities could change the course of history, but Meliek had to find them before it was too late.

Time was not on his side, and the dangers that lurked in the shadows were growing stronger with each passing day. Meliek had to face his own demons and conquer his mistrust of magic before he could rid the Keep of danger and save the realm from certain doom.

As the fate of the realm hung in the balance, Meliek knew that he had to be the hero that his people needed. He would stop at nothing to protect them, even if it meant sacrificing everything he held dear. For Meliek, this was not just a duty, but a calling that he would fulfill with every fiber of his being.

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