Works In Progress

These novels are either currently being written,  are  in the final editing round,

or are completed and in the process of publication.



The Prophesy of Three
 by: Michala Tyann & W. G. Muir
Word Count: 109K

For Sale on Amazon

One lonely man wants to change the rules, one jealous man wants to rule his realm, and one cast out of all realms seeks to conquer them all. And only one man, charged by the oracle of Centrelands, can find the three women who can restore balance to the realms.

Meliek, a warrior with a past life destroyed by his misguided visions and now haunted by his intense mistrust in magic, is thrust into a world of young druidism and ancient sorcery. His understanding of his role as lead sentry of the royal family is altered forever as he finds himself guardian of the realms. Now he is searching for the only three people who have the ability, even though they don’t know it, to alter the course of those intent on pursing their own desires and creating chaos over the realms in doing so. Time is not on his side and Meliek must face his own demons before he can rid the Keep of the others.


Creating Your Treasure Map: Outlining Your Novel
For Sale on Amazon

*********Are you a writer?********Do you keep trying to write your book********

Have you tried writing that ‘great American novel’ but always seem to fall short of reaching ‘THE END’? You’ve been doing it the wrong way. First you have to Create your Map before you can reap the rewards of finding the diamond in the rough.

This method may not be one you are familiar with. It may be something you tried back in the days. But with the help of this book, you will find the willpower and the wantpower to successfully complete your novel. And in time that suits your lifestyle.
Embark on a great journey and pave the way to getting your treasure. A completed manuscript.



MIchalatyann-72dpi-1500x2000The Sister Effect Series

Book One: Darkness Found  

by: Michala Tyann

Word Count: 54K
2012 NaNoWriMo Novel
Stage: COMPLETED, In Editing Phase

Jessica has never had a problem finding anything thanks to her bizarre ability, except that is, for her twin sister Jackie who was taken when they were little girls.  When a spirit named Daniel reaches out for help in finding a lost bracelet he promises to help her find Jackie in return for her help.  At the same time Calen, her boyfriend’s brother, has expressed some freaky abilities of his own and she can’t help but feel an intense connection to him. He claims to know why she has odd powers, and more importantly why her sister was taken.  She doesn’t know who to trust or even if there is time to trust at all.

H4HHousemaid for Hire by Michala Tyann
-2013 NaNoWriMo novel
Current Word Count: 50K

Stage: COMPLETED, In Editing Phase

Alimey has worked for Leo Brustaga, a crimelord, for more years than she can remember. She’s been an informant, an assassin, a handler; the list goes on and on. One thing she’s never been is a housemaid. But that’s her next assignment. Okay, so maybe bodyguard to Leo’s daughter Sophia would be the professional term but housemaid? What the hell? Still, she has never said no to Leo  nor does she ask why; she just does as told. When Sophia needs a surrogate, she falls into their twisted world. Secrets are stirred, addictions are uncovered, and trouble is just the beginning. Alimey finds herself being more than just a housemaid and bodyguard. She must find a way to fix everybody’s problems and smooth the wrinkles out. But what happens when Alimey’s own secrets come out of the shadows from her past? Can she be an effective ‘fixer’ if she can’t even fix her own issues?

waking upLay Beside Me Still
NaNoWriMo 2014
50K words

Stage: COMPLETED, In Editing Phase


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